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It is a trimming salon JUJU in front of Jimmuji Station in Zushi City.
Both large and small dogs can be trimmed. I cut a dog cutely.

There are a lot of dogs in the base, too.

Both shampoo menus and shampoo cut menus include nail clippers and ear cleaning.

★10% off for the first six months

★A present photo taken in the photo booth

Please feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail.
We’re waiting for you.

Price list

*All prices are include tax

Dog breedShampooShampoo cut
Toy poodle (less than 3 kg)¥5,830~¥6,930~
Toy poodle (over 3kg)¥6,380~¥7,480~
Chihuahua (long)¥3,300~¥4,400~
M Ducks (Smooth)¥3,850~
M Ducks (long wire)¥4,400~¥5,500~
Bichon Frize¥6,600~¥7,700~
Yorkshire terrier¥3,850~¥5,500~
Shih Tzu¥4,400~¥6,600~
French bulldog¥3,300~
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel¥4,400~¥6,600~
American Cocker Spaniel¥5,830~¥7,480~
M Schnauzer¥5,830~¥6,930~
West Highland White Terrier¥6,050~¥7,150~
Shiba Inu¥4,620~
Shiba Inu (other than bean shiba)¥4,950~
Labrador Retriever¥7,700~
Standard poodle¥11,000~¥17,600~
Golden Retriever¥8,800~
Australian Labrador¥11,000~¥16,500~
Golden Doodle¥11,000~¥16,500~
English sprigger spaniel¥7,700~¥9,900~

*Please contact us for other breeds
*Fees vary depending on size, hair quality (quantity), hair condition, and details of cut.
*One large pill is 550 yen
*Some cases may not be supported. Please note.
*Shampoo and shampoo cut includes nail clippers and ear cleaning.

All Scissor

Small dog 1,100 yen, medium dog 2,200 yen, large dog 3,300 yen


Herbal pack

Small dog 880 yen – Medium dog 1,320 yen

Masyu Maro Honey Bubble Pack

Small dogs from 1,320 yen – Medium dogs from 1,650 yen


Tightening, ear cleaning, sole, underbody, anal gland, beard cut, etc.
We also only perform partial care.
One point is 550 yen
Only face cut ¥ 1,100 + shampoo fee

Photo service

I present the photograph taken in the photo booth which changes every month after trimming.

Point card

10% off when your point card is full.